Friday, 27 July 2012

Creampied By An Old Friend

Out of the blue, an old aquaintance had smsed me. I was already in the city and he was also there. It was such a coinsidence that we are in exactly same area. The Redlight district. So we met. He was his house mate and we went all together to his place.

I must tell you, I like his house mate. I thought we could have a trio or the house mate would literally borrow me from him and Oscar would lend me to him. Oscar is quite possesive. So that did not happen.

Oscar was fucking me no condom. and he came several times in my ass/pussy so my ass/pussy up to now is real creampie. He fucked really good. He wanted me to be quiet, but I was intentionally screaming and tell him how wet my ass pussy is and how horny it is so that the room mate could hear. Sometimes, I thought that Andy - the house mate-  was listening and jerking off.

To be continued, not yet finished

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So High And Horny

Right now.. I am just so high. And when I am high I am in a nasty slutty sleazy sex. This is actually one of the moments where I just let myself be picked up by who ever and what kind of men I encounter on the street and I let them fuck me.

I was walking on my way to the central station to catch my last train trip that will send me back home. On my way to the central station, a very young good looking sexy and horny tourist came accross me. We said hi and flirted.

I was too high that I just grabed his dick right there on the street. His dick was so hard.. I got him so horny that he took me to his hotel. That whole night we sucked and sucked and fucked and fucked. That was a good sex. I left the hotel not wearing any panty, I could not find it. How much did he pay? Come on, a good sex in a 4 star hotel plus a good looking man? I consider that as a payment already

Friday, 20 July 2012

Meeting Mr. Pretending To Be Decent Guy

I was busy with my webcam job when Pete called me.
His number was not shown when he called. I told him politely that I could make an appointment with him, provided that he would call me showing his number. He tried to argue saying that I do not need to worry because he is trustworthy (duh!). I hanged up even before he finished his explanation. After that my phone rang again two times without a registered number. My phone rang again. This time, a +32 code appears on my screen. A call from Belgium. That was Pete.

He is very good looking, decent, clean, gentle, but there is something sinister in him. I just do not thrust him at all. As if the goodness is just a facade and that behind that good face and good manners is a beast who will eventually eat me after making me thrust him.

We were already starting to fool around when I have reminded him about the financial aspect of the appointment. He was so disappointed.

After sex, he said he was sorry that I paid him. As f he was telling me, that if I let him fuck me for free, I could have something more.. (Duh!!)

Its ok that men fuck me like a hooker and then leave after cumming. One thing I could not stand is that whey they think I am stupid and naive to believe their promises.

I am a slut, not a hooker, I choose men and not the other way around.

He fucked Me Good

I have dated with this guy. He really fucked me good. He is a truck driver and mechanic as well. When he visited me before, he will arrive late at night, I could still smell his sweat from the whole night working and a grease in his hand.

He fucked me no condom from the very first date and then he would shoot in my ass.. he is hairy.. just a simple straight guy with no effort to look good.. I like that. Looking good are for girls. The more men become concern about their looks, the more gay they look as well.

This s me in a video. A real amateur fucking film creampie.


Shemale Amateurs

Hello to all of you,

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Male Toilette Guy Look alike

The man in this red tube movie looks like the black man I sucked in the male toilette. is the link for that entry. Just click if you want to know the story..

Thanks  a lot,

Monday, 16 July 2012


As I live my life now as a shemale full time, it is more acceptable if I will use the Toilette for girls. I like nit nwhen peop0le around me are treating me like this. When they are treating me like a woman. On the other hand I missed those moments when I was still using the male toilette specially using those urinary where you can take a secret glimpse to the dick of dicks of men urinating next to you. I used to visit male toilettes before more than necessary not for the actrual pourpose of it, but because of my other agenda, to glimpse at the dicks of men around me.

One of my sexual fanrtasies were to be gang banged by men who were peeing on a male toilette that while of after they have dealt with mother nature, they will be surprised to find a shemale (in my fantasy I am a woman, but then it is totally impossible to be a woman - a naturally and bilogically woman in every sense) so horny and nasty sitting next to the sink with her open legs as if letting you know how welcome you are to enter her nasty and wet pussy.

Close to this happened to me. I sucked the dick of that janitor incharge today. I was only on my way to the electronics shop when I have decided to go to the toilette. And then there you are I saw him there. That was actually not the first time I saw him. It was the second time. I was too nrvous that time so he did not convince me. This time however, I was to hight and too horny to get nerous.

I really emjoyed sucking his black horny dick. So big and hard.. and the fact that I am doing it in one cubicle of male toilette, with a lot of men outside and smells like men piss added to the excitement. Only my phone rang while we were trying to be discreet as possible. Both of us reacted, so people knew it eventually.. hot!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Taking Home The Forbidden Fruit - Might Be The Best nSucking Story You Will Ever Read

I always say that if you want to be nasty and horny go to Amsterdam. Nasty, dirty, horny are my plans for everyweekend and it was still my plan this weekend that had passed. Amsterdam long weekend again.

Unlike at home, I can receive my paydates. Unfortunately, there is no place where I can receive here in amsterdam. So I always come to my dates. Of course, majority of the men I like - most men in general - do not dare to invite a shemale at their homes because of what their neighbours might think. It is alright, I do understand that.

Last night, while I was out in the city, I saw an old aquiantance. We never had sex before, but we did flirt and the sexual desire for eachother was just so obvious not only to both of us, but also to the people who around us. There was just a genuine attraction and strong click between us. As a result there was an extreme sexual and flirty atmosphere in the previous two unintentional encounter nthat we had.

Last night was the third. This time, I took him to the place of my friend where I am staying for the whole weekend. Actually, my friend hadgender made it perfectly clear that she did not want to have a fucking date here in her house. She is not actually a close friend like we are at he same level. She is more a boss/mother/ friend to me so I was so afraid to break her rules. That is how I like this guy, I took chances of breaking the rules of a person that everybody here is afraid of.

While we were at the city, He asked me how much do he need to pay. I said, just pay the taxi, because I only enough money to pay the bus fare at the moment. I meant it. I have dicided to give my self to him for free. Once in a while, it is good to have such a date.

It was so awkward in the taxi.

When we arrived, he took something from his packet, and put 150 euros at the table. I was confused at first a bit. Would I be the lady who would be offended and bitchy because of the assumpption that I am a hooker, or the nasty, horny, pick up girl who was only expecting to be paid 10 euros and now a sexy good looking muscled big hard dick kind of guy gave me 150 euros? I chose the latter of course.

I gave him my 100 % performance level stratigic sucking technique that only very very few of the male gender are lucky enough to experience. I stoped every moment I feel he is cumming and his moan starting to sound different. I did it for almost ten times. I was sucking his dick for two hours. and then at that moment I allowed him to cum, he exploded it all in my mouth. It was so much sperm that I thought he was peeing in my mouth.

While he was cumming in my mouth, I was also cumming. And As I cum, my sucking strokes of my lips and tougngue became more intense and deep - just like a hungry nasty thirsty cock worshiper slut.

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Red Tube Hot

This redtube film is so hot. They guys is so sexy. I have seen couple of movies where he is fucking. It made me cum without even touching my shemale dick


Everybody is I think well aware of the famous slogan during the 60's: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. This is still applicable to me and to my generation. Only, there is a slight revision: 

Sex, Drugs, and Sex! 

I am so feeling good right now. Stuffed with enough Cristal Meth that I smoked. It makes me so fucking horny. Nasty and horny sex is what I want. I could just go outside and suck the first man I ever saw right on the spot! 

I could let my regular date/bf to pimp me. I will suck and let me get fucked by a total stranger absolutely condom free and cum inside my ass in exchange of Marlboro lights. 

The First Creampie

I was cleaning up my computer memory. I was trying to delete all unnecessary documents, music, pictures and videos. As I try to clean up my computer disk, I came across a picture that I cannot afford deleting even though I do not have contact with him anymore.

Here is a question, I would like to ask.. when was the last time that you have experienced something for the first time? When was that first creampie date?

Before, I was so worried to about diseases and all those nasty sickness that I might get from unsafe sex. Until now, this is still a taboo. Many of us - I mean all of us likes to have sex with condom. That pure, natural, and intimate nasty horny fucking and cum inside the ass or the pussy. Every man would love to see their girl dripping out the sperm he injected inside.

It was more than four years ago when a man fucked me no condom. He is a very sexy man. He is so muscled, black man, from surinam. His dick is very big and it was at least 21 cm.  It is not only big but very very hard.

I had a condom. That was my last. He fucked me with condom at first because that is wat I automatically did, before him at least. He removed the condom and I asked him why. That was the last. Before I can even react or express my disapproval, he already inserted his dick in my ass no condom.

"What the fuck?" I said, "You are fucking me without condom!" I said that while the disapproval is an echo of my mind, whily my body and soul feels good during the process. He only replied, "so what?"

He came inside me. We dated only twise. I just saw his pictures he sent me. The memory of that creampie date for the first time are still fresh in my head.

At that moment, I was not openly in the business. He creampied me for free.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Red Light District -

Would you find it surprising if I feel at home whenever I am here at the Red Light District? Aside from toleration when it comes to drugs, I also like how people (or most people) handle the fact that sex in exchange of money or sex as a commodity in most places around the country particularly of that here in the red light district.

The fact that prostitution is tolerated and legalised in a certain degree or level, does not mean that the society accept and very open minded when it comes to its practice. There are also some level of prejudism and hypocracy. But I will not compolain on that. Prejudiusm and hypocracy are just part of society. Society is not society with out those two nasty elements. However, the fact that people do not deny or underestimate of sex as a tool of getting what you is already a huge revolutionary event in the sex industry of this country.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Imlive Shemale Webcams

Monday, 9 July 2012


I do not think I do still need to convince you that in dating there are a lot of things that  might happen that you are not expecting. Sometimes, if you are not too excited about it and did not do much of a preparation, you will encounter a very attractive man and everything clicks. Don't you just wish that you could have been prepared so that you can make a better impression?

On the other hand it can also go to the other direction. You were so excited with the date and you are almost sure that he is the guy you are looking for, but the date turned out to be the worse date of your life that you could have better work with your webcam at least you gained some cash? This is my case yesterday. The worse thing is, I did not set a price for him. It is a date more of "love" than "work". It was a "for the sake of love" kind of date and not a paid date". In times like this, I just hate myself for allowing myself be lured again by fairy tales. Yes boys pay me to have sex with them. That is my other dirty job. If a guy treated me like a shit or the sex is bad, then at least I have a compensation that would make me feel ok - the money. But my date yesterday for free with Emiel. I just wish I asked him for payment.

I date for free from time to time for the reason that I want to pretend once in a while to be naive. Just like the person I used to before, before I officially engaged in sex with pay kind of side-line job. I enjoy sex now, but from time to time, I just want to be that innocent little girl again whom believing in fairy tales and love stories. But this is the hard reality: Those guys who are threatened when they were asked money for sex are the worse guys I encounter in bed. My clients and customers respect me. I do not have the feeling that they humiliate me or belittled me after sex. I experience those from the non-paying guests.

Why did I do that with Emiel? Well, I knew Emiel from I am also an amateur webcam performer. He was always visiting me. From the webcam he has huge big hard fucking dick. In reality, it is not so big. In webcam, I saw him cums.. and he cums a lot. In reality, I even have not got the chance to see it. He said during our webcam chat sessions, that he wanted to fuck me. The thing is he wanted to get fucked by me. The worse thing is he is judgemental. He was judging me for using drugs? Come on! Sex and drugs are the best combination ever. Ok, think about this. If he is judging me for using drugs, an activity that widely tolerated in this country, can you imagine how he judge me for being a transexual? He would spit on my face after the sex if he could.

Well, how do I feel about it? To my surprise, it was ok for me. I was not hurt. Am I starting to get used to such treatment? or he is just so irrelevant for me? It is just a pity, I could earn some extra cash in those hours that I have spent with him including the long preparation and the "let us do our best kind of date".