Wednesday, 25 December 2013


This guys is one of the sexy guys I have chatted with from Very sexy  indeed and as far as I can remember, he is from Australia.. Nice aussie dick.. he made my she male dick cum couple of times.. you like? i like!

Monday, 16 September 2013

So Tempting

Pity, this guy did not send a picture of his face along with his dick, but still he is very tempting. I would love to swallow this dick and feel it in my horny and nasty shemale ass no condom.

I wonder where he got my number. My shemale hooker advertisement is no longer on the net. I have deleted all the ads I got for paid date since the police controlled me. This pictures were just sent to me very recently.. 

Very tempting indeed, but I do not trust the settings.. Though I am playing with him through whatsapp. No plans of meeting him. He offered me 50 euros for sex.. Excuse me, I am not that cheap. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This is Irvine's dick. He is from Holland. He has also sent me a picture of his face, but to be fair for him, I am jut posting the picture of his dick that he has sent me years ago.

I was checking on the photo archives on my email. The date he has sent me the picture was October 20, 2009. So it was already quite a long time - almost four years.

I cannot remember that we have actually met, but we have exchanged a lot of emails after we have met each other from the chat.

I really do think he has a sexy dick. He is quite good looking too. Pity we have not met.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Pay date ole ole

Do I still have to spell it out what just had happened? After taking the picture, I used this one sack of sperm as a lube while jerking off my horny shemale dick.. Hot? Or not?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


It has been a long time since I got in touch with you guys! Let us spare ourselves with unnecessary and not interesting excuses and proceed to photo postings. I was chatting with this guy two to three years ago. I am not entirely sure. It was the time that I was not yet on a webcam business. We have been always planning to meet, but kept postponing it. Then contact just stopped. I saw this picture on my archives and sharing it to you now. Pity, he hadn't fucked my shemale ass!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Not Handsome, Yet Very Attractive

His name is Richard. He is not handsome, but I find him very sexually arousing. I mean, not only sexually arousing in a sense that I would only have a one night stand with him. I find him sexually attractive that by the look at him on this picture, I am almost sure that I would have a wonderful sex life if he would be my life time partner. So who needs handsome men? What really matters most specially with shemales or ladyboys like me, is sex appeal. We need good sex, because we are also men after all.

I have chatted with him years ago when I still live in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to date.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


This is a dick of a taxi driver named hirad. I met him long time ago. I can even still remember that the first time we met I was still wering wig. We did it with condom, but I swallowed his sperm. His dick is actually bigger and fatter than it looks like here in the picture not to mention, very very hard. 

He is orginally from Turkey, but its either he was born here or have been living in The Netherlands for quite a while. He is a very sweet guy and he loves shemales/ladyboys so much.. I think we are the only kind he likes. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Stacked Tranny Lima Gets Pimped Out to Freaky Felix

Once you feast your eyes on this top-shelf tranny knockout, you'll never want for more. This gender-bending beauty has a ferociously stacked body with supple tits and an ass that gets fingered within the first five minutes! Felix withdraws cold, hard cash from the ATM and makes a phone call. Lima spills on the scene looking every bit like the ultra-hot, pimped out piece of tranny ass Felix had in mind. She slobs Felix's knob with kinky gusto, before laying back and letting Felix pummel her tender asshole. Lima jacks off furiously as she gets pumped!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Jessica Ninfetinha Cock Loving Shemale

Jessica Ninfetinha just loves the cock through and through, and she's the type of tranny that is always going to deliver on the hot cock action. She works herself nice and hard with Robert, and you know that she wants to feel that big fat black cock deep in her ass. She's groping him all over, letting her hands do the talking. Her tits look gorgeous and Robert is all over them, while her dick just grinds into his body. Once she gets started on the ramming she's going to end up screaming in pleasure.